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Diverse range of startups make it to X-PITCH 2023 TOP100

3 Oct, 2023

With a theme on Accelerating Deeptech, X-PITCH 2023 presents 100 of today’s most exciting startups competing for this year’s challenge.

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This prestigious startup competition X-PITCH has earned its reputation as one of the most challenging pitching competitions in the world. The program serves as a dynamic arena where visionary entrepreneurs battle it out for recognition, accolades, and investments that can help shape the future of their respective companies. From the adrenaline-charged intensity of 15-second pitches to the artful precision of 60-second presentations and the comprehensive mastery of 3-minute showcases, every moment is an opportunity for participants to capture the attention and the interest of prospect investors and other ecosystem stakeholders.

In the past iterations of X-PITCH, the 60-second showdown has been held in the most unconventional settings including TAIPEI 101’s high-speed elevator, self-driving car and even MRT, whisking contenders skyward as they delivered their game-changing concepts.

This year, X-PITCH is transcending boundaries, making its triumphant debut in the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, one of Southeast Asia’s most sought-after hotspots for startup tech entrepreneurship. In the 2023 edition of the program, the pitching competition finds its unique stage aboard Singapore’s iconic bumboats, drifting past the gaze of a thousand city lights.

Throbbing at the heart of this year’s X-PITCH is its theme, “Accelerating Deeptech”. In the wake of the pandemic, this theme resonates across the globe, inspiring innovators and thinkers committed to tackling challenges and shaping a future marked by positive societal impact and sustainable progress. Participating startups have a clear goal: to leverage the potential of technology in four key categories: sustainability (clean energy, cleantech, and circular economy projects), advanced manufacturing (robotics, automation, digital twins, AI, and machine learning-driven manufacturing), healthcare, and the digital economy (cybersecurity, Web3 technology, computer vision, and more).

X-PITCH believes that emerging technologies supporting and operating in these key areas help open up a world of possibilities that extend far beyond this competition. Essentially, participants who excel in these areas are already pioneers, ready to influence the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Exciting startups to expect from X-PITCH 2023

It brings together outstanding startups, all under a decade old, hailing from Asia and beyond, encompassing those in the seed to series B funding stages. Over time, the event has transformed into a global stage for investment opportunities and fruitful collaborations. Staying true to its vision, X-PITCH presents a diverse group of high-calibre startups who will be competing in Singapore.

The numbers underscore the widespread international participation and varied backgrounds of participating startups who made it to the TOP100. A majority of the semi-finalists, totalling 88%, hail from Asia, while the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa collectively account for the remaining 12%. These startups exhibit a range of development stages, with 53% in Seed/Pre-A, 40% in Pre-Seed, and 7% in Series A/B. In terms of focus areas, they mirror the urgent concerns of today’s world, with 39% dedicated to Digital Economy, 29% to Sustainability, 20% to Healthcare, and 12% to Advanced Manufacturing.

Investor Matching on e27’s Pro Connect

As the official investor relations partner, e27 will be facilitating the investor matching program through Pro Connect. Pro Connect is one of the e27 Pro membership plans that gives its members access to 500+ active and verified investors and tools to assist startups in discovering and connecting with the right investors for their fundraising goals.

For X-PITCH Investor Matching Program, the startups will be given complimentary access to Pro Connect to access a list of X-PITCH’s investment partners. They will be able to connect directly with the investors, schedule meetings, and manage the deal status for each investor. 

After the investor matching program, the startups will be able to continue their fundraising journey on their own and connect with more investors from e27’s 500+ active and verified investors in the region.

The X-PITCH challenge

At the X Games for Startups, X-PITCH contestants navigate through 15-second, 60-second, and 3-minute pitches in pursuit of coveted awards and investments. This year, after a rigorous application screening process, the top 100 teams will embark on the exhilarating X Journey.

While the Semi-finals will be hosted on the charming bumboats of Singapore River Cruise, the elite 10 teams advancing to the Finals will grace the illustrious stage of the National Gallery Singapore. Here, they will vie for a remarkable US$1 million capital injection from X-PITCH Investment Partners, to be awarded to the Top 3 Winners. Additionally, the 15-second Number Pitch remains a highly valuable voluntary side event for participants seeking an extra edge.

Being a part of X-PITCH offers a wealth of remarkable advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs. It not only grants access to prime resources and markets but also serves as a platform for participants to acquire invaluable skills and hands-on expertise.

The TOP100 startups for X-PITCH will go through a series of activities encompassing a diverse range of formats and mediums, including seminars for accessing the Asian market, pitch training, hands-on workshops, opportunities for corporate connections, and facilitated investor matchmaking. Each of these activities is meticulously curated to provide participants with a learning experience guided by seasoned experts, investors, and peers. This environment fosters dynamic networking opportunities with like-minded individuals exploring various industries or similar ventures. Additionally, participants gain crucial insights into prevailing market trends, equipping them to make informed decisions when launching or expanding their enterprises.

The X-PITCH 2023 Finals: Accelerating Deeptech will happen on 9 November 2023 from 2 PM to 4:30 PM SGT at the National Gallery Singapore where the top 10 startups selected from semi-finals will advance to the grand finals. The awarding ceremony will follow whereby participating startups will be awarded Deeptech Startup of the Year for Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Other awards include Best Advanced Manufacturing Startup, Best Sustainability Startup, Best Digital Economy Startup, Number Pitch – Champion, and Number Pitch – People’s Choice.


Since its inception in 2021, X-PITCH has not only gained global traction but has also expanded its reach to over 50 countries, engaging with a staggering 8,000+ startups and involving more than 100,000 participants. This competition has played a pivotal role in securing a total of US$2 million in investment prizes and facilitating over $38 million in funding for its accomplished winners. Beyond the competition, X-PITCH’s esteemed global partners are dedicated to offering an array of value-added activities to greatly benefit the TOP100 startups. These activities encompass market access seminars, comprehensive pitch training, hands-on workshops, investor matching sessions, and a host of other enriching initiatives.

Made possible through the collaborative efforts of XCEL NEXT and e27, X-PITCH 2023 stands on the strong foundation of support from Enterprise Singapore and A*StartCentral. Additionally, it enjoys the co-organization of leading entities from ten thriving Asian economies, including Block71 Singapore, BSSC, Cool Japan Fund, DOST-PCIEERD, HKSTP, HUB.ID, KOVA, MDEC, TA, TINVA, TusStar, and VITTBI. The event is further bolstered by the generous sponsorship of AIOX Apex Angel Fund, Foxconn Technology, Media OutReach Newswire, Quanding Enterprise, and Yulon Motor.

To check out the complete TOP100 list, you may visit If you’re interested in attending the finals and summit, you may register through the official event page here.